Thursday, February 5, 2015

What's New: 15 Bytes Utah's Art Magazine

What's New:

15 Bytes is hosting short daily stories about local artists and what is new with them.

"Visions" Gallery opening at Art Access in April. A collaboration with The Moran Eye Center and Dr. Bryan Jones PHD.
Art Access is collaborating with the Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah to host and innovative Sci-Art exhibit in April, 2015. The exhibit serves as a bridge between the "head and the heart" and celebrates the natural partnership between scientist and artist and their quest to examine the world from new and different perspectives. The exhibit consist of three components- images of the eye created by retinal neuroscientists; art inspired by neuroscience; and art created by visually-impaired artists.
These images are from my research and visit with Dr. Bryan Jones at the Moran Eye Center in October 2014.
Here is the link to the story.

Glass Sample for one of the sculptures in the show.

Inspiration for one of the sculptures in the show.

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