Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Process Images For IHC A Corporate Commission 2015

Process Of Commissioning Art:

In working with a commission based artist there are several steps in the production of a major work.

Glass has a unique ability to shape and define a space through its interaction with light. It has the capacity to create not simply an arresting point of focus, it also creates a unique experience. 

Every project begins with a series of questions: What is the nature of the site? Whom does it serve? What times of the day or night is the site in use? Are there special conditions with regard to lighting, maintenance, and movement of the viewers? What is the architectural intent? Through dialogue with the collector, a direction for the artwork emerges. 

Once we have the color and ideas outlined then I will work up small samples for you to see. There is some variation but it will give you a firm idea of what you will be looking at. At this point I will draw up the contract and once the deposit is received and the shipping costs are paid I will order the raw materials and start working on the commission. 

It can take up to two weeks to get the supplies and additional weeks to create the work. I will also include a certificate of authenticity for insurance purposes. Know that I will not re-create this work for any other collector it will be a one of a kind.

Staging out color combinations before loading the kiln.

Starting to load the kiln. These will fire to a full fuse of 1480 degrees for over 15 hours.

Then I take the large slab of glass and cut it into detail pieces. Then cold work the edges for the next firing.

Detail of above images.

Installed INK Paintings that coordinate with the glass wall sculptures.

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