Monday, August 3, 2015

July Studio Happenings....

July was a busy month at the studio... 

I like taking the time to review what I have accomplished every so often as some days just feel that I did not get enough done. This month was one of those months and it is a great exercise in seeing what I really accomplished. 

So this is what I did accomplish: 5 wall mounted kilnformed glass sculptures created, 5 wall mounted glass installs, 30 scarves (photographed and uploaded to my online store), 6- 38"x38" watercolor paintings created, framed and shipped, my Salt Lake Magazine article came out July 1st, and now working on the holiday gift giving season as we only have 5 months to go.... As well I took a mini 5 day holiday during all that. Feeling good about it.

It is good to take a minute to review.


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